​​We sent Candidate Surveys, concerning animal sheltering issues, to all of the candidates running for Mayor and City Council   ​The purpose of this survey was to understand the stances and intentions of the candidates regarding animal welfare issues in general and related to Houston becoming a No Kill community.​​

​As part of an awareness campaign by Houston Voters For Companion Animals, the candidates’ responses were complied as part of a Voters Guide that was distributed to Houston voters before the November 2015 election.

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​Mayoral Candidates
​In alphabetical order​
Chris Bell​ 
​​Stephen Costello
​​​​Adrian Garcia
​​​Ben Hall
​​Nguyen Thai Hoc

City Council Candidates 

​​At-Large Position #1
Griff Griffin
Mike Knox - won election
​​Lane Lewis​​
Tom McCasland​​
Chris Oliver
​​Jenifer Rene Pool
Georgia Provost

​​At-Large Position #2
Andrew C. Burks, Jr.
​​Willie Davis
Eric Dick​

​Modesto Rivera
​​​​David W. Robinson - won election

At-Large Position #3
Rogene Calvert
​​​Atlas Kerr
Michael Kubosh - won election
John LaRue
Joseph McElligott
Doug Peterson

At-Large Position #4
​​Larry Blackmon
​​Amanda Edwards​​ - won election
Jonathan Hansen
Roy Morales
Matt Murphy
​​​Laurie Robinson
Evelyn Husband Thompson​

At-Large Position #5
Brad Batteau

Jack Christie - won election
​​​Durrel Douglas
Sharon Moses​
​​​Philippe Nassif
​Charles Tahir
District A
Brenda Stardig​ - won election
Iesheia Ayers-Wilson

District B
Jerry Davis - won election
Vince Duncan
Isaac Mayhorn
Kenneth Perkins
Ben White

District C
Ellen Cohen - won election
Carl Jarvis
Michael McDonald

District D
Dwight Boykins - won election

District E
Dave Martin - won election

District F
Dr. Kendall Baker
Steve Duc Le - won election
​​Richard Nguyen

District G
Greg Travis- won election
Sandie Mullins Moger

District H
Roland Chavez
​​​​​​Karla Cisneros - won election
Jason Cisneroz
Abel Davila

District I
Robert Gallegos - won election
Herlinda Garcia​

District J
Manny Barrera
​Jim Bigham​
Mike Laster - won election
Dung Le

District K
Larry Green- won election

​​Bill King
​​​​​​​​​Marty McVey
​Demetria Y. Smith
​​Sylvester Turner  - won election